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Lash Q&A

What are Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are single or multiple strands of synthetic eyelashes applied to a single natural eyelash, creating a longer, fuller, and darker lash look. With hundreds of lengths, thickness, lash curvatures, and color to choose from, your Lash Stylist can customize a set of semi-permanent lashes specifically for your eyes.

Who are they for?

They're for anyone wanting eyelashes that are longer, fuller, darker, and more beautiful. With Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, you can wake up each day with beautiful eyes with little or no need to adjust for lifestyle. They are ideal for everyday wear and special occasions (wedding, honeymoon, vacations. etc.) because you can sleep, shower, swim and spa worry-free.

Is it safe?

Xtreme Lashes products are developed to the highest standards of safety under the direction of Registered Nurse, CEO, and Co-Founder, Jo Mousselli, Xtreme Lash Stylists are credentialed health and beauty professionals who have successfully completed rigorous training and evaluation.

How do I prepare for the application?

Do not curl your eyelashes or wear mascara to the appointment. Ensure that your eyelashes and eyes are makeup-free, clean, and dry. If you are a contact lens wearer, remove your contacts prior to the application and bring your prescription glasses to wear during the first 3 hours after the application.

How long is the application?

Depending on the number of eyelash extensions applied and Lash Stylist skill level, a full set (approx. 70-100 lashes per eye) may take 90-180 minutes. Relates, or lash refills, every 2-4 weeks after, may take 45-60 minutes. During the procedure, you recline comfortable with your eyes closed. Many women call it their "midday beauty rest". 

How long do they last?

Indefinitely with routine relates. Typically, you lose an eyelash extension every time a natural eyelash sheds. With routine relates, new extensions can be applied to new natural eyelashes to maintain the original look. 

Lash Care

How do I care for Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Ask your Lash Stylist for specific instructions based on your application (single layer or multi-lash/Volumation). Additionally, please ask for the Xtreme Lashes Aftercare Guide. This guide contains general aftercare tips and products to help extend the life of your Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions.

Can I still apply mascara?

One of the benefits of wearing Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions is that you no longer need mascara. However, if you would like to wear mascara, ask your Lash Stylist about specially formulated, eyelash extensions compatible Xtreme Lashes mascaras. Incompatible mascaras may cause your eyelash extensions to fall our faster.